Stylishly crafted, Palió is the ideal complement to your finest hand-rolled cigars. Crafted for the sophisticated connoisseur, the use of today’s most refined cutter is a must for serious smokers.
With Palió you’ll be assured that the finest cigars in your collection will be prepared accordingly. When in the company of colleagues, associates, or comrades, let Palió give you the cutting edge!

Cuts up to a 60 Ring Gauge Cigar.

Also Available:

Palió 70 (composite Cutter, Cuts 70RG Cigars & in Black Matte finish)
Palió V-Cutters in Black Matte, White & Gun Metal
Table QUAD Cutter by palió.

Cutter cases in Black & Brown Leather.

Palió Lighters available January 2019 A Light Above

State of the art features:

  • Triple Jet Lighter
  • Extra large Fuel Capacity 3X Average
  • Light Weight Durable Body
  • Easy to use Fuel Adjuster

Available in the following colors: Black, Red, White, Silver & Navy Blue.